Printmaking studio and fine arts haven

We started in 2005 as a printmaking travelling workshop on wheels and now we are so much more...

Adventurous Beginnings

^ Villages of clear medieval origin were the first locations where P.E. established its art holidays.

"Fifteen years ago I took my chances and opened my art school. Back then I was completely focused on printmaking: I had a couple of presses, loads of tools and a van. I started with a simple project dedicated to people who wanted to visit Italy and combine their vacation with learning etching, woodcut or engraving. I toyed with the idea to create one day something bigger, good and unique.

This is my story.

The idea of ​​creating Progetto Ecate occurred to me in 2005: I wanted to make printmaking known to a public of laymen, because in Italy it was considered a little exclusive niche whereas in Scotland, where I was studying at that time, Edinburgh Printmakers had a wonderful range of courses opened to the public... and the public was enthusiastic! I wanted to combine the cheerful and encouraging atmosphere I experienced in the U.K. with the solid knowledge that I had acquired at the Academy in Italy and find a balance.  For the first 3 years, I organised printmaking holidays and retreats in small villages in the country, especially in Piedmont. All the presses, the tables, the racks and everything needed in a proper print studio were crammed into a van, waiting for the next destination. I set up small print shops in town halls, hotel spaces and even in a barn! I have sweet memories of those adventurous years, even if assembling, disassembling and reassembling heavy presses was not a joke.

The inconvenience of a print studio "on wheels" spurred me to look for a forever home. In 2008 I found a large workshop in the beautiful city of Como, on the famous lake's southwestern tip. In recent years, this city has quietly blossomed into one the most interesting spot for travelers, adventurers and tourists. If you want to come and do some art, I'd recommend to book a few days extra to visit the amazing surroundings.

Having a permanent space allowed me to gradually expand my project: I acquired larger presses, including two late XIX century jewels and in 2010 the atelier embraced all the fine arts. Progetto Ecate now offers multiple courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. With a circle of friends and art-lovers I also organise convivial art history events in dive bars, gardens and theatres".

Elena Governo, founder and academic director

Progetto Ecate today: a fine arts' haven

Our academic programme invites you to develop your skills and expand your knowledge of the practice of art, its history and its theory.

Progetto Ecate's philosophy today is well defined. Our fine arts programme is the answer to the concern in seeing that many art schools have reduce or removed the classical approach to art tuition, with the consequent decline of skills in contemporary art making. Progetto Ecate believes that knowledge is freedom and that knowledge can promote a richer, more diversified art scene. We therefore offer traditional academic courses, we invest time and labour to teach ancient techniques to our students and we work to bring each student's skills to the best possible level.

Progetto Ecate offers a vibrant, lively, supportive environment that promotes the excellence of the art practice as well as the exchange of ideas between people and artists from different backgrounds and with different styles.

Our courses and classes are available for all levels, whether you have a general enthusiasm or a long-standing personal and professional interest.