Art Holidays

All you want to know about what we do, where we are and where you can stay

About us: core mission and values

Our programme is very highly rated. The studio has been visited by professional artists as well as people new to the practice of art

Progetto Ecate promotes the understanding and the practice of the fine arts, with a special consideration for printmaking. All our efforts are conveyed into creating a good selection of introductory and advanced classes and into providing a shared space for the enrichment and development of the individual student's work. Our extensive academic programme will invite you to develop your skills, expand your knowledge and explore those lesser known art techniques you may have never heard of before.

We offer high quality art instruction in a beautiful and inspiring environment. We provide tuition in Italian, English or French. Most art holidays in Italy are organised by Brits or Americans, whereas Progetto Ecate relies on a network of Italian professionals (teachers, drivers, landlords, chefs, guides) who can deliver a genuine dive into the Italian culture and lifestyle.

We offer English taught intensive courses in painting or printmaking and weekly sculpture or drawing en plain air lessons (...and if you speak some Italian, the choice will also include lectures, group critiques, tutorials and artist talks).

< Damian Durante from Argentina, working @ Progetto Ecate, 2010

Planning a trip to Lake Como

Shaped like an inverted Y, surrounded by mountains and dotted with charming villages, Lake Como became quite popular when Hollywood stars started to buy properties. A glamorous reputation quickly followed. But what it was not said, is how dreamy, mysterious and authentic Lake Como is away from the spotlight.

Where to stay & What to do

We have teamed up with Eva Naldi, who continues to set seemingly impossibly high standards through her Holiday Solutions Ltd. - the best self catering agency in town. You can browse through her exquisite hideaways or contact her for further experiences (boat rides, helicopter tours, trekking, hiking, wine tasting).

I've been living in Como for several years now and adventures keep coming.

I was born in Tuscany where I learnt the value of hospitality, good food, art and the sweet life. I have a life long love of Italy and I've always dreamt of passing it down. Holiday Solutions is the chance for everybody to travel to Italy and find home.

Eva Naldi

Holiday Solutions

Due to the ongoing uncertainties regarding social distancing measures now and into the future, we feel we are unable to offer our usual Summer Term as planned. Summer art holidays have been therefore cancelled and fully refunded.

For those of us who make a living out of art, the future may seem fragile. Progetto Ecate is a very small business and this unprecedented situation will be incredibly challenging for the school's hold. If you are interested in supporting the school by purchasing vouchers for future use, please email us.

We all hope this period of isolation comes to a rapid end and that we will be able to go back to normal soon. In the meantime, keep healthy and safe during these worrying times.

See you in Autumn!